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Teslin Paper

High-Performance Synthetic Paper for Laser Printers & Plain Paper Copiers

Teslin paper

25 Sheets - $19.99
50 Sheets - $29.99
100 Sheets - $56.99
500 Sheets - $274.99
Teslin® is a synthetic paper used when you need a document that will perform well in any weather, temperature, or environment. Use it in a laser printer or plain paper copier to produce waterproof maps, forms, charts, signs or documents -- or simply when you are taking notes in the field. TeslinŽ is flexible and can be written on at any temperature that your pen will work between -94°F and 356°F (-70°C and 200°C).

Protect your important notes with Teslin®

  • Waterproof
  • Works in laser printers & plain paper copiers
  • Tear, abrasion & chemical resistant
  • Flexible and foldable
  • Works at -94°F to 356°F
  • Color or black & white printing
  • Accepts standard ballpoint pen

  • Teslin® is a microporous polymer sheet designed for printing in laser printers and plain paper copiers. The toner enters the tiny pores of the paper where it cannot be rubbed off, erased, or physically removed without damaging the paper. You can write on Teslin® paper with a standard ballpoint pen or for best results use a pen with waterproof ink. This paper does not accept pencil and water-soluble inks in most gel pens will smear when wet.

    Although Teslin® is designed for high performance, you will be using it with ink from your printer and a writing implement. All three of these must perform well together. For that reason, we always recommend field testing under the same conditions where you will be using the paper.

    Teslin® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

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