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Weatherproof Clipboard With Storage

Take your office outdoors with this durable field desk!

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The weatherproof field desk with clipboard is perfect for taking notes or carrying your important maps, forms, or documents in the field. Use it to store 8 1/2" x 11" forms, sheet paper, pencils, pens, and other writing / reference materials neatly and out of the weather. It features a convenient handle that adds a couple inches to the length of the desk - this allows you to steady the field desk against your body and write to the bottom of a standard piece of paper.

Interior Compartments Hold: 8 1/2" x 11" paper, 2 or 3 pencils or pens, leads, erasers, paperclips.

Outside Dimensions: 10" wide, 16" long, 2" thick at the hinged end.

The field desk is constructed of durable Polydura plastic - which is much lighter in weight than a metal clipboard. The plastic will also not pull as much heat out of your hands in freezing cold weather as a metal clipboard.

The storage clipboard is a great way to take your office into the field and keep everything neat, organized and protected. It is recommended for use with any of the papers that we sell.

The lid of the clipboard closes tightly with a lip that overlaps the tray below. The lid and the tray are hinged and held in the closed position with a durable snap closure. This will keep your notes protected in almost any weather conditions short of a hurricane. The top closes tightly and will keep your notes dry during a quick dunking, but if you submerge the field desk some water will seep in.

Field desks can be regularly-used tools for building contractors, coaches, factory managers, chemical engineers, foresters, fire fighters, biologists, geologists, oil field workers, journalists, commercial fishermen, farmers, greenhouse managers, landscapers and many other professions.

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