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Free Printable One Page 2024 Calendars

Print All 12 Months on One Page

Print a yearly calendar on one page - easy and convenient! These single page calendars are great for your cubicle or home office because you can see the whole year at once. Students can post one inside their locker, dorm-room closet, or notebook. Or, punch holes in the margin to have a calendar handy in your 3-ring binder. Dress up the margins with stickers or doodles, and you have a cheerful and functional decoration for your refrigerator or file cabinet at the office. The calendars are easy to scale down before printing (see below), if you want a tiny calendar to put in your wallet, purse, or checkbook, too.

Available in vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) format. Print as many as you want! Share them with your friends, family, and coworkers. Everybody uses a calendar, and here you can print them for free! Printing assistance here.

2024 one page calendar 2024 one page calendar

2025 one page calendar 2025 one page calendar

2026 one page calendar 2026 one page calendar

2023 one page calendar 2023 one page calendar

2022 one page calendar 2022 one page calendar

Printing instructions: To print, first click on the calendar you want. There are several ways to access the "print" menu. You can...

A) press Ctrl+P, or
B) press the right mouse button and select "print", or
C) click the "hamburger" (this might look like three dots in the upper-right corner of your browser) and select "print".

Then, just make sure your printer is set to the correct layout (portrait or landscape), and you're ready to go!

To scale down the calendar size: In the print dialog box, you may be able to click "More settings" or "Properties", or something similar to that. Next to "Scale", select "Custom" and type in what percent of 100 you'd like the scale to be. For example, to print at half of original size, type in the number 50.

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