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Standard Waterproof Pen - Our Best Seller

Best selling waterproof pen

Only $9.99
Features a sleek chrome cap and black barrel. Retracts with a click. This Fisher Space Pen has waterproof ink, can write upside down and at any temperature. Black ink. Imprinted with our URL - waterproofpaper.com. 5 1/8 inches in length. Pen Refills.

Space-Tec Soft Grip Pen - Waterproof

soft grip pen

Only $11.99
A stylish retractable soft grip pen with rubberized coating on grip and barrel. Plastic pocket clip. Writes on almost any surface in waterproof ink, at any angle or temperature. Black ink. 5 5/16 inches in length. Pen Refills

Space Pen Refills - Black, Blue and Red Ink - Medium and Fine Point

Waterproof ink refills

These refills fit any Fisher Space Pen pen sold on this page. Refills are available in black, blue and red ink with a fine or medium point tip. They write upside down, under water, and at any temperature, just like the cartridges that are included with the pens. Pen Refills.

Military Pen - Writes in Extreme Environments

Military pen

Only $14.99
A great gift for any of our country's heroes. Matte black finish is non-reflective and inconspicuous. Writes even in extreme temperatures and weather conditions, and can write through water. Writes on almost any surface and at any angle, even upside down. All metal with a .383" diameter cap. Retractable with a click. Contains black waterproof ink in a sealed and pressurized cartridge. 5 3/16 inches in length. Pen Refills

American Flag Pen

American Flag Pen

Only $14.99
Handsome all-metal retractable pen with American flag design. Writes in waterproof black ink at the most extreme temperatures and at any angle, on almost any surface. 5 1/8 inches in length. Pen Refills

Trekker Space Pens

Only $29.99

Only $29.99
Trekker space pen

The Trekker Pen is a popular Fisher Space Pen because of its utility, rubber grip and sleek design. The lanyard and carabiner included with the pen allow you to carry it with you at all times and to use whenever needed. Writes at any angle, at any temperature in waterproof black ink. 3.875 inches in length and ready to write. Pen Refills

Chrome Space Pen

chrome space pen

Only $19.99
Sleek design at a great price. Slim brushed Chrome Pen is all metal with a .320" (8mm) diameter cap. Can write in the most extreme temperatures on most surfaces and at any angle. Black waterproof ink. 5 1/8 inches in length. Pen Refills

Chrome Bullet Pen

Chrome bullet pen

Only $21.99
The Chrome Bullet Pen has the honor of holding a spot in the New York Museum of Modern Art. It has been featured in numerous publications as an exceptional work of industrial art. It is one of the most popular of the Fisher Space Pens because of its utility and sleek design. Writes at any angle in the most extreme temperatures in waterproof black ink. 3 3/16 inches in length capped - 5 3/8 inches ready to write. Pen Refills

Chrome Rubber Grip Pen

Only $29.99

Only $29.99
Chrome rubber grip pen

Blue rubber grip pen

The chrome X-750 features a pocket clip and comfortable rubber grip. Writes in black waterproof ink at any angle, on almost any surface, and in the most extreme temperatures. Open, as shown above, pen measures 5 inches in length. When capped, looks like the blue pen shown (except, of course, it's chrome) and measures 4 1/4 inches in length. Pen Refills

Lead and Eraser Refills for Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencil

These mechanical pencils are no longer available, but we do have lead and eraser refills for those who already own one. They are available here.