waterproof puffin paper

PuffinPaper Sample Packs

PuffinPaper is a synthetic waterproof paper that is used by people who work outdoors in many different environments. The performance of a waterproof document depends upon four things:
  1. the type of paper
  2. the printer/ink/toner used to print it
  3. the writing implement
  4. the environmental conditions where the document is used
These four things must be compatible to produce a document that is waterproof. We always recommend testing before taking a document into the field or starting an important or costly project. That's why we offer sample kits at a price that approximates our cost of preparing them and delivering them to the customer.

No matter what type of printer you are using, we always recommend setting the printer to produce a document using the smallest amount of ink. To do that, set your printer to "light", "draft", "economy", or another setting that suggests that a small amount of ink will be applied.

We have a detailed list of "Tips for Using PuffinPaper". Please check them out to get the best performance from the paper and the best value from your purchase. Thank you.

PuffinPaper Sample Packs (Free Shipping)

Want to test a few sheets of PuffinPaper? These sample packs contain ten sheets of 8.5" x 11" waterproof PuffinPaper. Available in 8 mil or 10 mil thickness. If you use a laser printer, a plain paper copier or an inkjet printer with a pigment-based ink, this is the paper that we recommend. We always recommend testing in the environment of use before making a large purchase or starting an important project.

Need more sheets for testing? We have 25, 50 and 100 sheet packages available here.
10 sheets
8 mil - $8.99

10 sheets
10 mil - $9.99

5 sheets 8 mil and
5 sheets 10 mil